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    The images in these galleries mostly range from 2013 to the present, with more being added from time to time. 

    The tiny watercolor paintings of insects, butterflies and birds began about the time of the pandemic lockdown in 2019 and gradually became pictures of ancient artifacts and eventually an eclectic mix of themes including a portrait engraving of Hieronymus Bosch.  More recently, I have begun adding pictures from my current series based on the legendary Tower of Babel.  The series is currently up to eleven works, with more on the way.

    Soon I will be adding earlier pictures dating as far back as 1972, when I was an art student, so check back frequently to see what might be new. 




Ivory Furniture Plaque Man slaying a Griffin screen size.jpg

Ancient Artifacts

Sensu and Rose Butterflies screen size.jpg

Tiny Insects

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